Book Projects and How You Can Help

Occasionally our authors or contributors will be working on a book. We like to highlight this fact here. Check back from time to time. You may find that you would like to contribute with your expertise.


Daniel Mason

He is slowly writing about male chauvinism and how it has morphed and changed to survive in the 21st Century America. Naturally, this project will be done from a distinctly Christian perspective, analyzing chauvinism from both historic and present events.


Tara McPherson

She is pursuing a book project of her own; on the subject of women in combat. She will be arguing against the position, from the psychological, physical, biblical, and historic standpoint.



Please contact us if you would like to review, edit, or play any other key role in the writing of these books. Even if you think you might want to contribute a chapter or two, this is an idea we would be willing to consider. Thank you for your consideration.



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