The Perfect Stay at Home Job for Moms

I won’t lie; I’m desperate. I don’t want to leave my babies with someone else. I have a three month old and a two year old. I don’t want to work outside the home. I want to raise my own children. Good news is, I found the perfect job for me…and I don’t feel guilty.


I now get to stay at home and raise my children while raising someone else’s. I am a host parent for an International Student Program at a local Christian High School. With this job, I am able to do what I love–be at home with my kids…my four kids. Two of my own and two from China.


Being a familial person, I strive to live with a “mi casa es sua casa” mentality. What’s mine is yours. Welcome to the family! Within one month, my family doubled from three to six people. Two girls from China came to live with us and one month into it, I gave birth to my second baby. I was able to share my experience with these girls who have never been apart of the birthing process. They got to see a life born and on a daily basis see how babies develop. I get to teach them how to take care of babies (an experience most Chinese teenagers don’t get these days). I get to invest in their lives. And they call this a job…


I have the opportunity to share what the Lord has given me while having the chance to disciple, witness, and give a defense for my faith. I have never had to explain so many elementary teachings of my faith before having these girls at my house. “Who is Satan? What is sin? People aren’t born good and innocent?” The list goes on.


Being able to help these girls get through life’s difficulties has prepared me for how I will go about helping my own daughters when they go through their struggles. Being open and available to serve these girls has been a great joy to me. One of my girls always brings a smile to my face. If I were to name her an American name, I would call her Joy. Joy is not a Christian and has never heard of Jesus. In her broken English she always says, “The God…” instead of just “God” when referring to Him. She doesn’t realize how profound she is. The God who she is referring to is THE God. Seeing her grow in the knowledge of God has been such a blessing to my life. I pray that the Lord will save her.


I am so thankful for this great gift I have. I get to invest in the lives of two girls who are not mine. They have been entrusted to me, just like my two babies are the Lord’s and He has placed them in my life to raise them for His glory, for His Kingdom, and for His purpose. I love my four girls the Lord has given me and I pray that God will use me in whatever way that will bring Him the most glory. My perfect job is this one in which God has called me to work. And in the mean time, God is providing financially for my family.


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