You Can Change

The closest I ever came to giving up my faith was when I was struggling with sin. Losing the battles constantly gnawed at my soul. I hit rock bottom, Christ lifted me up, and I persevered.


Most of us have a constant sin we struggle with and what we need to hear continually is, “You can change!” Tim Chester took what the Bible has said regarding the sanctification process and condensed it into a handy, How-To guide for the Christian who struggles. And that is every Christian!


While many believe porn is a ‘male only’ struggle, 18% of young women look at porn at least once a week. That is almost 1 in 5 girls. While Chester’s book isn’t specifically for the porn struggle, it is customizable for the struggling Christian; even one who struggles with a sin that it not seen as common-like women and porn. It focuses on the heart,  our desire, and the potential action. While we can’t make ourselves change, Chester rightly emphasizes that change happens only through the True Gospel.


There is hope among the hopeless, life amongst the seemingly dead. The book starts with “What would you like to change?” It moves on to the Why, the How, and the When. It follows with focusing on what is True, what to turn away from, and what keeps you from changing. While the road to change is NOT easy, Chester gives real strategies that will build up your faith and lead to repentance. The book ends with a pep talk and a vital, necessary aspect to overcoming sin: the Body of Christ. We need our brothers and sisters along the way to encourage, guide, and hold accountable.


My Thoughts:

The opinion of one person doesn’t necessarily mean too much. However, Amazon reviews show that out of 69 reviews, 85% gave the book 5 stars. One customer even stated, “The best recent book on sanctification.” I personally enjoy this book because it is weighty in doctrine, easy to navigate for any stage in the Christian walk, practical in application, and emphasizes the result as all for God’s glory. I appreciate the fact that Chester isn’t a book jockey just writing what sounds good. He is a church leader who has worked one on one with individuals and sees God working in their lives. From Orthodoxy to orthopraxy, Chester walks the talk and shares the good news.


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