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Are You a Thread or a Weaver? Providence in Daily Life

We all are but a single thread being woven into a tapestry; the mere fact that you exist means the world is a different place. Perhaps not a quantifiable truth, but a profound truth nevertheless.


In our fallen state, we have inherited the sad condition of thinking that it is us who weave this tapestry called life. Yet, that honor goes to our Creator alone. Despite our perverted natures, God still providentially brings good through our lives. This reality hit home a short while ago.

I had the distinct pleasure of being the best man recently, and was reflecting upon how that came to pass. My friend met his beautiful bride on-line, at Sovereign Grace Singles, a site I encouraged him to check out. Would you believe that it’s because I wanted a bagel, that he is now happily married?

Providence and Marriage

So let’s back up. The Christian dating site was recommended to me by a friend at my old church in Washington, whom I never would have met, had I not been in line to get a bagel at a Ligonier conference. I was new to the area and was hoping to find some like-minded folks, sharing this fact with a random stranger in the bagel line. He in turn recommended a church to me. Without that conversation in the bagel line, who knows how my best friend would have gotten married?

In my selfish narrow-mindedness, when I first heard about sovereign grace singles, I myself was single, and thought that the Lord brought it to my attention for my sake. Now I see that it was not for mine, but for his.

Providence and Kingdom-work

Likewise, I can now see the Lord’s providential work in a terribly enjoyable conversation I had the other day with a pastor. He suddenly found himself up the creek without a paddle, so to speak. That is, he had a Chinese international student, but no Chinese resources on hand. He looked high and low to no avail! He had all but given up, save our timely phone call, and wouldn’t you know? I had just recently become the guardian of two international students, also from China! My wife has connections with a missionary society that was able to hook us up with resources that we were able to send him. We are ripples that will never end, this is the way that God has created us.

You and I may not see and understand how the threads are being woven together. Yet make no mistake about it, this world is remarkably altered by virtue of your existence. And likewise, countless other lives, simply because you are here. Rest satisfied in this fact, and stop trying to be the weaver, let God do that. His glorious plan is far exceeds whatever we can think or imagine!

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