Women’s Draft: Who is Doris Miller?

Who is Doris Miller? And what does he have to do with women being drafted?

Nations that use women for national defense, deserve none.
Women’s draft is big news now that women are ‘fully integrated.’ Yet, there is a major key fact that is missing from the discussion. Ivory tower theologians who’ve never served have failed to catch this. Doris Miller was an African-American.


“What does it say about a nation that lets its women fight for them?”

Did you know? A woman can be pregnant for up to 3 months before she knows? Women in the military and police force are in combat arms professions. If pregnant, they are shamefully putting unborn children in harms way. Say no to babies in battles zones! The PCA did. The OPC did. So can you. By the way…Doris Miller is a hero. My hero.

It is good to see many godly men and women stand up against cowardice. It is scary how many are people call themselves ‘conservatives,’ who are not. But the draft is not something we should be fighting about. Why? Because men have a moral obligation to protect women, children, and unborn children. Women have no right to serve. Doris Miller served as a sailor.

LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT: there is no such thing as a non-combat job in the Armed Forces. Doris Miller drowned to death. In a ship.

Minus the exception of chaplain, all jobs are combat jobs.

If women are being used to defend our nation, we have failed to protect them. Doris Miller protected women.

Something vital is missing in this discussion; the fact that all personnel are combatants. A new recruit is trained to kill. ALL soldiers go through Basic Combat Training. All soldiers are required to be willing to deploy to combat zones. Doris Miller was Killed in Action. Killed in combat.

Why do women need to attend Basic Combat Training if they are not combatants? Or never see combat? Doris Miller earned a combat medal: Navy Distinguished Cross.


Non Combat Job does not equal non-combatant personnel.

“All military personnel are combatants.”

Even if women had a right to join the military; women’s rights never trump men’s responsibilities. Men are responsible to protect women and unborn children. Who was Doris Miller?

All jobs in the military and police force are combat jobs.
Doris Miller was cook. Doris Miller was a combatant.

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