Abandoning Children to Xbox’s

What is happening to the 21st century American family? R.C. Sproul Jr., in his book, “Bound for Glory”, gives a painful picture of what many families are like today. Families are living in a house that is separated more

…like an apartment. There is a TV, mini fridge, computer, cell phone, snacks and the sort in our children’s rooms; each unit is virtually self-sustaining. The only time they come out is to eat, shower, and give the occasional “hello” to their parents. Our children are left to themselves. They are happy though, right? They have the latest gadget available to keep them amused. These children have been abandoned to their rooms.

This type of abandonment will never be a crime, but its effects have led to, in my opinion, the downfall of the American society. We have these ‘abandoned’ children trying to make sense of the world and getting their information from phony, wacky sources. Our daughters learn their ethics from Lady Gaga; and our sons learn their lessons on how to be a man from Justin Bieber. Our children deeply yearn to be great men and women but, they are abandoned.

Children must be taught how they should go. Deuteronomy 6 commands that fathers teach their children, “…When you sit in your house and when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up…” Proverbs exhorts parents to, “train your children in the way they should go…” Ephesians 6 commands fathers to, “…bring them [children] up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

Christian Parents, please question your children if they even know basic doctrinal standards of the faith. Do they really know who Jesus is? Or are they getting that information from pop culture? Are we abandoning our children to the local Christian school while naively assuming they are receiving enough knowledge? The Lord sorrows that His people perish for a lack of knowledge (Isaiah 4:6).

I can only image how hard and difficult it is to be persistent in training up multiple children at once, but God has always supplied the grace that His people has needed. The Lord gives us strength for each minute, hour, day, and month. Paul Washer exhorts us to vigorously teach our children and, ‘go to bed tired.’ Paul Washer explained that he does not have time for many friends because he has a wife and children that he pours his life into. Abandoning, letting our children roam ‘free’, and letting them ‘sow their wild oats’ is the worst thing we can do as parents—and, though debated, it is sinful given the commands we have in the Bible. True, there are some children who are defiant and will not obey. In spite of this, we are still called to do our job. The Lord is sovereign; controlling of our children’s hearts (Proverbs 21:1). We need be on our knees in prayer—begging the Lord to save our children. We also need to do what He has called us to do by not abandoning our children to their Xbox’s and magazines.

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Daniel Mason is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Theology, and is founder and creator of Disciple's Perspective.

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