The State of Theology 2016

  “We are in a time of unprecedented theological and biblical ignorance…”   R. C. Sproul.


Recently Ligonier Ministries commissioned Lifeway Research to conduct a updated survey of the theological climate in 2016.


This maybe one of the most helpful single resources that Ligonier has produced for pastors, at a new website: The State of Theology.


‘Designed to take America’s theological temperature,’ it also looks at ‘conservative evangelicals’. You will be shocked.


  • Almost 50% of evangelicals believe that small little sins do NOT warrant eternal damnation.
  • Roughly 80% of people in America believe that the Holy Spirit is merely a ‘force’ instead of a Being.
  • Over 50% do NOT believe that God is the author of Scripture.
  • Almost 40% believe that God is imperfect, making mistakes.
  • Over 70% believe that an individual must contribute to his or her own salvation.


If God has called you as a leader, then this report is essential. Below is an infographic to get you started. Pass this around, and that we may wake the people of God up from their slumber.


Ways to take action: If you know a pastor, pass the report along to him. Share the infographic. Then, buckle down to study, wrestle with, and learn, good biblical theology. Many times in the New Testament, people would say that what Jesus taught were ‘hard’ and ‘who can accept’ them?


It is no different today.


What we do today, will last a life time. No one can afford to have wrong theology. The most important thing you can know is who God is, and who Jesus said that He is.


Send this to a pastor or elder or friend today. The Church is waiting.


Everyone knows that you have to know what the problem is, and admit the problem, before you can find the solution.


We know what the problem is, do you?


Check out the infographic below, or download the report here.

Graph of Results of Survey

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