Glory to the Holy One-A Music CD Review

Dr. R.C. Sproul of Sanford, Florida has been known as a theologian and writer for the past 45 years. Starting in the 1980’s, he began writing hymns which housed deep and rich theological truths. Beginning a few years ago, a Emmy nominated, television renowned musician, Jeff Lippencott began working with Dr. Sproul to create fourteen masterful pieces containing solid biblical teachings for the Church for centuries to come.

The music was recorded in Washington, Arizona, Florida, and in England with the Canterbury Boys Choir. Carefully selected, Lippencott hand-picked the best choirs and orchestras to record this CD.

Dr. Sproul’s hymns beautifully encapsulate many key themes, such as; the holiness of our great God, Christ coming to save sinners, the life of Christ-followers, the righteousness of Christ, the worthiness of Christ, and being safe guarded under the wings of the Almighty. One can listen to some song samples at Ligonier Ministries.

Dr. Sproul shares in the beginning track of the CD titled “1517.” While Martin Luther began the Reformation, it continues today, and in a special way, this music helps commemorate that. The ever present fight that the ‘just shall live by faith’ is at the forefront of Sproul’s mind. Coupled with Justification is the Righteousness of Christ that has been imputed to believers. Dr. Sproul writes these hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ and he gives praise and Glory to the Holy One.

I highly recommend this CD; in fact, it is our most played music in the house, next to Handel’s Messiah. With this CD, one can learn of supreme doctrines while flooding the soul with beautiful, heavenly music. I personally got goose bumps for “The Secret Place” and was brought to tears with “Heavy is our Savior’s Cross.” I was humbled with “Glory to the Holy One” and “Highland Hymn” brought a smile to my face. I am looking forward to singing these hymns in church and singing them with my children. I hope you, the reader, will be blessed with this music as I have. I am so glad to see R. C. and Ligonier branching out to not just theology, but music. My family and I have learned that we are to strive for excellence in all things, that whatever is Good, True, and Beautiful will shine forth, giving glory to the Holy One.

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