A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture-A Book Review

Just the other day I finished reading the book by Keith Mathison, about how we need to look at God’s revelation, both in Scripture and in the universe. It was well written; easy to follow explanation based on an answer that Dr. R. C. Sproul gave during a conference when asked what his opinion was on how old the earth is. This is a hot topic being debated in many Christian circles, particularly reformed. As such, Dr. Mathison seems to be trying to correct an unbalanced view that is persistent among some Christians today. Unfortunately, we tend to make many decisions based on emotion, instead of logic. Dr. Sproul himself, when he was teaching in seminary, also sought to combat this. Sproul asked his students if they thought that God’s revelation of Himself was infallible in the Scriptures, what is also called ‘special revelation.’ The students, of course, all agreed. Sproul then asked if they thought that God’s revelation of Himself is infallible in general ‘revelation,’ that is, through the natural things in the universe and all of creation. No one raised their hand this time. And yet, when God reveals Himself, he never is fallible. As such, it is always our understanding or interpretation that is fallible.

The incredibly short book (50 pages!) goes much more into detail, helping us to not be so ‘scared’ so to speak, when it comes to science. The students that R. C. was interacting with were understandably trying to guard against the idea that mere human theories can overturn the teachings of Scripture. But we do need to be reminded that nothing can actually overturn anything that the Scriptures teach, but only what we think they teach. This is a most cogent reminder that we as Christians need; to be humble with regards to both our science and theology.

I do wish that the book was more in depth, as it feels that Dr. Mathison only scratched the surface of what a reformed view of science would consist of. With all this being said, it is a good start and a topic that many ‘Christian science’ books have woefully neglected. This is most certainly a must have for those who see the need to supplement the current education for their children are recieving, helping them to truly think biblically and rationally about the sciences. I would not recommend skipping this resource, however, I would like to recommend a different and more in depth book to add, by Vern Poythress, called Redeeming Science. This book does however have a few issues, as I believe that Vern is a scientist and mathematician first, who later got a degree in theology. Lord willing, I will be able to do a review on this one as well. Nonetheless, it too is a great start to what hopefully becomes many more books for Christians to engage with the other disciplines. Perhaps yet again, theology will be called the queen of the sciences, with philosophy serving as her handmaiden. We shall not aim for this however, but let God direct things as He sees fit.

You can purchase your copy here, for free in fact, for the kindle.

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