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“The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards” was written by Steven J. Lawson of Mobile, Alabama. Jonathan Edwards

This book is one of many in the Long Line of Godly Men Profile series. Lawson states that his goal for this book is, “to challenge a new generation of believers to pursue holiness in their daily lives. [His] aim is to fix our sights on how we must be disciplined in this pursuit.”

Lawson gives a brief but rich history of Jonathan Edward’s life, conversion, pastoral ministry, and literary pursuits. Lawson highlights how this 18th Century theologian lived the Christian life with a passionate quest of personal holiness, self-discipline, and personal piety. Edwards’ father, who was also a minister, catechized Edwards during his growing up years and he was saved at seventeen. His foundation was strong and firm, set on solid Biblical teaching, and this made him ripe for spiritual purpose. Edwards, within a few years of his late teen conversion, wrote seventy resolutions or purpose statements that are now known as his “Resolutions.” Edwards knew his life was not a sprint but a marathon and he committed to a lifelong pursuit of holiness.

Lawson says that Edwards’ Resolutions revolved around pursuing God’s glory, forsaking sin, making proper use of God’s allotted time, living with all our being for the Lord, pursuing humility and love, and making frequent self-examinations. In Lawson’s words, “Edwards was resolved. He was determined to live with uncompromising fidelity for the greatness of God. His eye was singular; his soul was steadfast; his will was strong.”

Lawson writes that Edwards was one of America’s greatest theologians and he combined his intellectual genius with spiritual godliness. Edwards wrote Freedom of the Will (one of the most influential books of the Great Awakening), Treatise Concerning Religious Affections (“the most important and accurate analysis of religious experience ever written”), and many other works. Edwards pastored a church in Northampton for twenty years and was dismissed for placing stricter standards on communion. He then became a missionary to the Native Americans and then President of Princeton College. He died five weeks after the appointment by a secondary infection from the small pox. Edwards’ life goal was to do everything for God’s glory; to live in heaven while on earth.

After reading this book, I feel much more connected to this godly man. I appreciate Edward’s fathers’ attention to him growing up and building his firm foundation. I appreciate Edward’s resolve to life for God while recognizing that he himself could not do anything apart from the power of the Holy Spirit. Edwards was resolved on doing what would first give glory to God’s name. I am encouraged and admonished. Lawson does a great job incorporating so many different influential aspects of Edward’s life in such a small book. It is quite a treasure. I recommend this book for any Christian believer and I highly recommend it for a new believer. To purchase your copy click here.


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