A Daughter Like Me; My Biggest Fear

My husband and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy this December. I am both nervous and excited and petrified at the same time. My aunt recently asked me how we would raise our daughter if she was like me. For those who wish to get an inside look on how I was growing up please look at this series. I was what the average person called a ‘tomboy’ and despised womanhood and motherhood. I thought this role was oppressive and a waste of time. I had to ‘do something with my life.”


My aunt’s question to me is not one I hadn’t thought of before. What would I do if my little baby girl hated being a girl and wanted to be like her daddy? What would I do I if my little princess wanted to be the prince and a knight in shining armor? There by the grace of God I go. I couldn’t imagine going on this journey without my husband. He is my encourager, my rudder, my leader, my protector, and my defender.


In a culture where telling my daughter “no” is oppressive and is holding her back from being “who she is”, it would be difficult to raise my daughter in a God-honoring way. The alternative? I chose love. True love. Loving your child enough to tell them no because you know where the path leads. Telling them they are not allowed to wear certain things because they do not represent the opposite sex because that is not who God made them. As Thomas Schreiner, a commentator on the Apostle Paul, succinctly puts it,


“Paul does not think that masculinity and femininity are merely social constructs. They are rooted in the created order, and Paul is concerned about hairstyle not because it is itself a crucial issue but because he does not want the differences between males and females to be erased.1


When culture pushes so hard in saying there is virtually no differences between men and women, we are going to have push just as hard in raising our children to see that God made men and women different and we each have our roles to fill. This is harmony. This is where true joy and happiness will be found.


1-“Paul-Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ” By Thomas S. Schreiner 2001: Page 320

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Nicole Leaman is a wife and mother of two daughters. With a degree in Criminal Justice, she actively blogs about social matters regarding women and culture.

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