Psychological Effects on Women in Military

I remember from my earliest memories my wonderful mother curling my
hair and picking out these princess-like dresses for me to wear for
school….I would have rather been outside playing with my brother and
cousin in military fatigues with my face painted green, black, and
brown. I shook my fist at being girly and feminine. My childhood dream
was to join the military. I loved the environment (or my imagination
of that environment).


I ended up joining the military. Taking an oath to protect and obey
orders. I began my year long training by going to basic training. I
was given uniforms….oh wait, the man behind me got the same ones.
There were three different articles of clothing in the main uniform
that were different. I wore sports bras–the men did not. I wore
granny panties–the men wore briefs. I wore women’s running shoes–the
men wore theirs. Besides my haircut and buttocks, you couldn’t tell
which gender I was. I wore the same uniform, exercised the same way,
and was treated the same as the men in the unit. I did this for months
while in training. No civilian clothes. No differentiation besides
menstrual cycles and different sleeping quarters. I couldn’t stand it.
I couldn’t wait until I could put dress on….to feel beautiful….to
not look and expected to act like a man.


The day came where I could leave the fort and go into town and buy
civilian clothes. I headed straight to the dress section. I bought a
beautiful outfit and had one of my friends fix my hair (because I
didn’t know how to do anything besides a pony tail, bun, or leaving it
down). I got earrings and a necklace and even put some perfume on. I
look in the mirror—A sigh of relief– I feel like a woman again. I
never knew the importance of how we dress, look, and act. I am a woman
and need to dress, look, and act like one. Men are men and need to
dress, look, and act like one. You don’t think it matters?


If you don’t think it matters please respond with your experiences relating to the consequences of women being masculine and/or men being feminine.

About Nicole Leaman

Nicole Leaman is a wife and mother of two daughters. With a degree in Criminal Justice, she actively blogs about social matters regarding women and culture.

9 thoughts on “Psychological Effects on Women in Military

  1. This was a great read. My observations of women in the Army (Australian) have been quite similar. Taking it the next step, I’ve seen quite a lot of women who after feeling quite ‘masculine’ take overt steps to receive the attention that is due to women. Just looking, behaving and feeling like a women often isn’t enough. It seems that women in these types of jobs find a need to be acknowledged by their peers as well, often leading them down a slippery path and attention seeking. Not to mention behaving in a way that the military culture expects women to act. I wonder if the original writer had any thoughts on this?

  2. Women are built to be the caretakers; sweet, gentle and feminine. Men need us to be that way, just as we need them to be strong and give us a feeling of protection. Both genders have very specific roles. When those roles are reversed, it causes confusion among everyone, even the one with the reversed role.

    As for the military and dressing like a man, I can see how that would give a feeling of power to a woman; especially to one that had no such power before. However deep down, a woman is a woman and no matter what she does on the outside to try to hide that, she’s still a woman. I believe that most women want and need to be treated and seen as a woman, even if they don’t admit it. We’re just designed that way.

  3. That is just one woman’s perspective. I am a lesbian, and don’t feel the need to be “feminine” yet I also don’t want to be manly. I am just ME and it feels good to be this way. I have short hair, wear men’s clothes (including boxer briefs – they are just more comfortable) and have all the right tattoos… but I am a girl and am scared of spiders and have large boobs (that I hate – already got them reduced in size because they hurt my back but they still won’t go away). I believe a woman should be anything she wants to be. Because she’s just a person who happens to have a certain set of genitalia, that is all.

  4. Some women like getting dressed up and feeling pretty, others like wearing pants and getting dirty – some even a bit of both. Some women get fulfilment being home-makers; taking care of their family full-time as their husbands take on the bread-winner role, others have aspirations located outside of the home; pursuing interests that God has placed in their hearts. It’s absurd to assume or expect the approx. 3.5 billion women on the planet to dress and behave exactly the same. Expecting ALL women to stay home and stay pretty and “feminine” is honestly an insult to God and the incredible diversity he has created.

    1. You are mistaken here my friend, it is not an insult but God honoring. A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. Deut. 22:5 It is not acceptable or God honoring for men to dress in a manner that is feminine or for a woman to dress in a manner that is masculine. A woman is in sin if she desires to be seen as a big strong tree, and a man is equally in sin and wrong for desiring to be seen as a delicate and beautiful flower.

      God put us in a box for a reason, it is sinful rebellion to seek to be out of that box. Only way to find the joy and happiness is by staying safely inside the confines that He has mercifully set forth. The devil is the author of confusion. Blurring the lines between sexuality is the devil’s work. You assume that all desires that are in a woman’s heart are from God. This is clearly unBiblical. If I have a desire to get drunk, I can not say that God gave me that desire, heaven forbid! If a woman has a desire to go to combat, dress like a man, and neglect her children, this is not God’s desire! Where do you get your ideas from? Not in Scripture. Who taught these things? Not God.

      It is extremely evident in Scripture, when studied with proper interpretation, that it is not God’s will for women to be cross dressing and fighting in war; jobs that God gave men alone to do. It is incredibly hateful to suggest a woman should do such a thing, just like it is spiteful to suggest a man should have the right to get pregnant. God did not intend for such things, as is made evident by the biological and psychological differences that He made when in His wisdom, He created men and women very different. I beg you to think about it…for the ideas you are spreading have created so much damage and ruined so many lives.

    2. Women have been given a sacred job that God gave them. Men have too. Men are to be the providers, protectors, and leaders. Women are to be the life givers, home-makers, and caretakers. It is a perversion to switch these around. Any woman who refuses to take up her sacred calling is being an irresponsible mother and wife. Just like a man who refuses to lead, protect, and provide is failing as a man, husband, and father. He does not have a choice, we do not get to choose our roles.

  5. I’ve been reading through your blog, and it has been interesting to see life through such a radically different point of view to mine. However I find the negativity really apparent. There are so many ‘don’ts’, so many rules and obligations you have associated with religion- particularly about trivial, material issues such as the clothes one chooses to wear. Considering we are all bought into this world naked, and that Adam and Eve were originally naked- clothing choices seem like a very trivial matter to judge people by. I believe religion does have some worthwhile aspects- such as compassion and acceptance, and that these should be focused on more so than judgement and condemnation. If a male chooses to wear female clothes or vica versa, why should this be anyone else’s problem? What they are doing isn’t hurting anyone. I believe that if religion in this era focused more on positivity than negativity it would make a much more positive change in our society.

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