Being a Woman Who Lets a Man be a Man

I most certainly agree that women need to get out of the way of men, and let them be the men they need to be. This is a humble, honest, and great post.

Has our inability as women to walk in femininity resulted in the quenching of men’s ability to walk in masculinity?….

…Here’s what I am trying to get at. Ladies, how often do we complain that our men aren’t stepping up?

He’s not pursuing me.

I wish he would be a spiritual leader.

I’m sick of asking him to do things all the time.

Why can’t men step up and be men?

Whatever happened to chivalry?

I’m guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty of condemning men for their lack of stepping up, for remaining passive instead of walking in the fullness of their masculinity. I was frustrated and began losing hope that such a man even existed.

But then I was extremely humbled….

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Nicole Leaman is a wife and mother of two daughters. With a degree in Criminal Justice, she actively blogs about social matters regarding women and culture.

5 thoughts on “Being a Woman Who Lets a Man be a Man

  1. You’re talking sense here pal. The thing is women are fighting to become men nowadays. Everything is misinterpreted under the banner of Human Right & Womens’ Right. I’ve been an active activists fighting for womens’ right personally & still do but there’s always a limit. Biblically we can’t interchange the order of things. Man is & will always be the head of the family. It’s a status quo that only secularists will entertain because they ain’t got no fear of the Most High. Having said, this “No man should disrespect any woman but women, know your place in society & harness it with all the wisdom the Most High has adorn upon you towards your soul mates”.
    Thanks for subscribing & keep the good works.
    YH bless!

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